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Welcome to Phi Gamma Delta, Where Great Men Become Excellent Men.

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Phi Gamma Delta at Western Kentucky University prides itself on five core values: Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence

The Chi Eta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta consists of a group of men, not merely looking for a better social life, but earnestly seeking to improve themselves. What does this pursuit look like? Biking across the Unites States to battle Alzheimer’s disease, traveling to Haiti to teach water purification, putting academia above social life, and much more. None of these feats could be accomplished without brotherhood. We believe friendship is the sweetest influence because without brothers encouraging each other, achieving our core values would be impossible. We remind each other excellence is not found by comparing ourselves to others; it consists of setting your sights high and never looking to the right or left. We want men who are striving to be men of excellence and tired of doing it alone.

Check our brotherhood out yourself!

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Chi Eta Welcomes the Fall 2012 Iota Pledge Class
Chi Eta Welcomes the Fall 2012 Iota Pledge Class

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  • Stop by our chapter house at 1311 College Street, visit our Facebook page
  • Call our Recruitment Chairman, Taylor Ruby, at (606) 383-2269, or email us at