Recruitment Interest Form

Welcome to Spring Recruitment 2017! Fiji is humbled that you’re considering joining our brotherhood, and the purpose of this form is to make that process easier. Recruitment is a two-way-street where both parties (we and you) get to know one another through various events and old-fashioned discussion.

First, a little about us.

Simply put, WKU Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) is an organization of 70+ men who do college together. We study together. We eat lunch together. We live together. We’re there for each other in times of need, and we hold each other to the highest of standards. Fiji is our home on the Hill, and we hope you’re successful in finding yours through the Recruitment process.
To start things, please fill out the questions below. This information will make Recruitment go smoother for you and us. Hopefully, we’ll be a place where you don’t have to say your major 60 times; we’ll already know it! We look forward to seeing you soon!

We will keep you updated with texts about recruitment.
Help us get to know you better.