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                Continuous Waste Tires Pyrolysis Equipment

                Carbon Black Refining Equipment

                Continuous Waste Tires Pyrolysis Equipment


                Continuous pyrolysis machine

                Capacity: 24-100T/Day

                Waste tire continuous pyrolysis machine Process

                The waste tire is shredded into tire chips and continuously to be fed into the drum reactor for the normal pressure low temperature pyrolysis;
                The pyrolyst oil gas is turned into fuel oil and little combustible gas after fractionation and cooling through oil separator.

                The raw carbon black will be automatically transferred to the carbon black production system.

                The combustible gas will be totally used as fuel to the system after scrubbing process. The heating system adopts residual heat recycling technology, which far saving energy consumption and low down the running cost.

                ?The gas produced by the production line will be purified to meet the environmental standard then discharged.