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                Carbon Black Refining Equipment

                Continuous Waste Tires Pyrolysis Equipment
                Continuous Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Equipment

                Carbon Black Refining Equipment


                The refined carbon black can replace N330/N550 .

                The electric power of each production line is about 288kw, with 3-4 workers per shift, and the water consumption is about 0.35 tons per ton of carbon black powder. And 240 m3 / h of pyrolysis gas is required per hour. At present, the price of finished granular carbon black is US $600-900per ton.

                Steps of Carbon Black Pellet making

                1. ?Produce refined carbon black
                2. ?Mix the carbon black with water and glue.
                3. ?Pellet making.
                4. ?Dry the pellet.
                5. Packing.

                Outstanding advantages:

                1. Low energy consumption: Ultra crushing integrates centrifugal crushing, impact crushing and extrusion crushing, saving up to 40 ~ 50% energy compared with other mechanical crushers.
                2. High fineness: equipped with self split classification system, product fineness 325 mesh Raymond grinding fineness can only be below 300 mesh)
                3. Large feeding range: the feeding particle size is 10mm, and the materials only need to pass through the primary coarse breaking equipment.
                4. Low wear: the wearing parts of the crushing part are made of composite wear-resistant new materials with long service life.
                5. High degree of automation, strong stability and simple operation