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                Will you arrange engineer to our site for installation?

                Our engineers are skilled and experienced. They have been to many countries to install machines. Guide the installation on site and train workers. And most of [¡­]

                How long can I get the investment back?

                Within one year if the waste tire is cheap in your country

                This tire pyrolysis produces pollution for the air? No

                Tire Pyrolysis is not burning. Burning tires produces dioxin and much CO2. Because there is no O2 in the reactor during pyrolysis process, the tires will [¡­]

                How much oil for starting the pyrolysis line?

                500KG oil Then no need other fuels. The no condensable gas will circulate back to the heater of reactor to supply fuels.

                Running power per hour?

                About 70kwh per hour

                The Space Requirement for the pyrolysis line?

                The workshop of pyrolysis section is 40m*15m*6m, which is excluding Big Cooling Tank Outside. The pyrolysis line also can be customized according to clients workshop space.

                What¡¯s the capacity range?

                1Ton/Hour¡¢1.5 Tons/Hour¡¢2 Tons/Hour and bigger capacities 24 tons per day; 36 tons per day; 48 tons per day; And even 100 tons per day.

                How many operators do you need to operate the pyrolysis equipment?

                It needs 3 labors/shift; 24 hours 3 shift; you need 9 operators and 1 machinist and 1 production manager

                Could your pyrolysis machine truly achieve continuous operation?

                Yes, we could provide existing customer¡¯s plant for your site visit. In China we have a lot of running machines. They are all running well. Some [¡­]