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Fiji Brick Tradition

About the Brick Tradition

In Spring 2010, before Phi Gamma Delta received their Charter, the parents wanted to do something for their sons to celebration of receiving the Charter and being Initiated into the Fraternity.  Parents decided to install a granite marker on campus and purchase engraved bricks for their sons around the marker.  It has become a huge success and tradition.  Currently we have 100% of our initiated men recognized with a brick in the plaza because of their parents.

This is something I am inviting you to do for your son as he goes through pledging and ultimately initiates into Phi Gamma Delta.   We would like to continue to have 100% of our men represented; it is a great tradition and the only organization in the plaza that is as well represented.

Your son’s brick will be installed on the eve of initiation and will be shown to him the day he initiates.

This will be a surprise to your son so do not share ahead of time.

Ordering your Son’s Brick

To order a brick, make a $150 donation to WKU.  The $150 is used to cover the cost of the actual brick and the rest is used for student leadership initiatives.  More specifically, much of the proceeds are used to cover scholarships for men of Phi Gamma Delta to attend Fiji Academy every January.  Last year four men were able to attend Fiji Academy because of the bricks purchased by parents.   This is a charitable, tax-deductible, gift to the WKU Foundation. 


Easiest way to order your son’s brick is to visit WKU’s Online Giving page at  For designation, select “other” (scroll all the way down on list) and type in “Fiji Bricks” in comments along with your son’s name.  See below:

Gift Screen Shot


You can mail a check for $150, payable to WKU Foundation (in memo write “Fiji Bricks”) to:

WKU Foundation
1906 College Heights Blvd #51016
Bowling Green, KY 42104

If you need to arrange a payment schedule, we can certainly work with you on that.  We want to make sure each man is recognized.

If you have any questions, contact chapter president.

Bricks on Campus

All brothers have a brick with their name on it located at Keown Plaza on WKU’s Campus

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