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House Update Week 7

Friday July 10th

The weekend got started early Friday afternoon. Bob Anderegg brought down a truck load entertainment for the basement. A 60 inch TV topped the list, along with a fooseball table and an air hockey table. Shortly there after Gordon Lunceford and Wayne Jury showed up with a trailer full of dry wall, 2 x4’s, and instillation. Some of the dry wall sheets reached 12 feet in length and weighed nearly 90 pounds.

Saturday July 11th

The day got started bright and early at 8am. We had a great showing of graduate brothers and parents this weekend. This may have been one of the most productive days at the house to date. With projects going on all throughout the house. The most noticeable project to be completed was the drywalling of the kitchen and closing off of the study and house managers suite. The bathroom is now ready for inspection. With drywall and tile to come in the next couple weeks.

Sunday July 12th

Yet another productive day at the house. The last of the old radiator pipes running through the basement were cut out, providing a lot more head room. Originally we had planned on putting in a drop ceiling for the downstairs bathrooms. Since then we have determined it would be cheaper and more efficient to put a normal drywalled ceiling. The ceiling frame was built for both bathrooms today. After that, more general cleanup went on throughout the house. Getting it ready for projects throughout the week.

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