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House Update Week 6

June 30th-July 1st

Chris Kenny and his dad made a mid-week trip down to the house.  The house hosted to two home-made bars in the basement.  The boys had the pleasant task of destroying these bars and cleaning the basement. The other project they took on was cutting out the steel pipes connected to the radiator in order to make way for a new HVAC system.

July 2nd-4th

This weekend we welcomed the FIJI’s Across America riders home for a two day break. The riders brought a fresh energy to the house. None of the riders have been in the house since they left for California back in May. Seeing their faces as they walked around looking at the progress made on the house was refreshing for everyone.

There were a couple back-breaking projects that took place Saturday. The last and the largest of the house’s 15 radiators was removed. One of the radiators took eight men to move across the house, we estimated the thing to weigh in the neighborhood of 700 pounds. The other back-breaker was the removal of the boiler and the pipes that were attached to it. The boiler alone weighed at least 150 pounds.

Wayne Jury was able to finish the electrical wiring downstairs with the help of his son, and FAA ride organizer Tyler Jury. The two moved and created new light switches.

The drop ceilings in both the study and House Manager’s room were removed and set to be replaced. Several of the ceilings received some patch work. And one of the upstairs bedrooms got its final coat of drywall mud texturing.

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