Bowling Green,KY 42101,USA

House Update Week 3

June 12th-June 13th

Knowing there was a leak coming from the roof into the kitchen the Housing Corporation. thought it would be best to tear up the existing roof and lay down a new one. Ben Harper alongside undergraduate brothers Jared Cooms, Zach Graupner, and Drew Bennett helped in taking off the old roof. We found the roof to be in poor condition after removing most of it. Jeff Baynham worked with Ben Harper to reinforce the support beams, and then covered the holes that had created the leaks with new OSB. The brothers were out until 10 that evening laying new felt, and ice guard in preparation for shingling to take place Saturday morning.

On Saturday we all faced the task of laying down new shingles. Josh Wiseman and his father Jimmy arrived just after 8am. The roofing began with their arrival. Ben Harper and Jimmy Wiseman showed the younger guys how it was done. Then brothers Dustin Clevidence (WKU ’09), Kyle Allen, Drew Bennett, Jared Cooms, Zach Graupner, Zack Ryle, and Josh Wiseman worked until 4pm that afternoon shingling the roof. That included an hour and a half lunch break to watch the USA vs England World Cup match.

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