Bowling Green,KY 42101,USA


Homecoming 2017

By Aaron Smith, 2017 Homecoming Chair

Homecoming is one of the single best events we participate in during the Fall semester. It is one of the few times that the fraternity comes together to work on a single project beginning to end. This past homecoming, we were paired with Alpha Gamma Delta and Alpha Phi Alpha, and the theme was “There’s no Place Like the Hill.”

I thought this week was a huge success. This is my second year being the homecoming chair and my third time participating with FIJI. Having a successful Homecoming requires a huge amount of work and time, especially to finish in only one week, but the feelings of satisfaction and the friendships formed along the way make it entirely worth it.

Finishing the float, seeing what we built, and knowing we’ve given our best effort makes the week worthwhile. I know that the memories we made during homecoming week are ones we’ll never forget.