The Judicial Committee of the Chi Eta Chapter is responsible for all legal matters and revisions to the bylaws.  It is the responsibility of the Judicial Committee to know the bylaws and to ensure that the bylaws are well known amongst all brothers. Knowing the bylaws will help to prevent conflict, and in case of insurrection will make dealing with the perpetrator much easier.  Not only is the Judicial Committee responsible for handling all legal matters within the fraternity, but it also acts as a mode of accountability for brothers, therefore exuding brotherhood at its pentacle.  In addition to both legality and accountability, the Judicial Committee acts as a body of moral certainty apropos Chi-Eta’s bylaws.  If any question arises in relation to the bylaws then it is the duty of the members of the Judicial Committee to know what action to take.

In the past semester the Judicial Committee has made a number of substantial changes to the bylaws.  Being a newly chartered chapter, one of the first jobs of the Judicial Committee was to change Chi-Eta’s bylaws from colony laws to chapter laws.  What this entailed was going through the bylaws and changing the word colony to chapter.  While this might not seem that challenging of a task, it represented a rather significant symbolic step away from being a colony and towards being a chapter.

As of now, the Judicial Committee is hard at work adding clauses to the Chi Eta bylaws dealing with academics, service, housing, and finances.  The chapter hopes to see, by the end of this semester, a new, finely tuned version of the bylaws fitting of an official FIJI chapter.