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WKU FIJI Excellence Fund

WKU FIJI Excellence Fund

WKU FIJI Excellence Fund

WKU FIJI Excellence Fund

Excellence, the achievement of the full potential of the chapter and the individual members.

2010 Cheney Cup Winners

Chi Eta Chapter, 2010 Cheney Cup Award Winners

Introducing the WKU FIJI Excellence Fund, a fund to financially support the Chi Eta Chapter in its pursuit of Excellence.   The WKU FIJI Excellence Fund exists to support the Chi Eta Chapter by providing funds for leadership development, educational programming and resources, and scholarships for the chapter.

Do your part!  Help continue the success of the Chi Eta Chapter through your donations to the WKU FIJI Excellence Fund.  You may make a one-time gift or schedule a recurring monthly gift with your credit/debit card or EFT.   Your donation to the Excellence Fund supports Chi Eta and also records you as a donor to WKU.

 Donations to the Excellence Fund at WKU Foundation are tax deductible (see your tax adviser.)



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