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Phi Gamma Delta hosts Inaugural Summit

Phi Gamma Delta hosts Inaugural Summit

The brothers of the Chi Eta Chapter hosted the Inaugural FIJI Summit on Saturday, March 17th, 2012.  The FIJI Summit was held in the Downing University Center and was used to replace the individual seminars the Chapter holds throughout the year.

Executive Director of the WKU Honors College and Chi Eta Graduate Brother Dr. Craig T. Cobane was the first speaker at the Summit.  Dr. Cobane gave an hour seminar on effective leadership in today’s world.  In this seminar, Dr. Cobane also talked about one of his passions, studying abroad.  Dr. Cobane has been influential in expanding the role of studying abroad at WKU and inside our chapter, as just this semester we have 5 students overseas (Trip Carpenter, Spencer Wright, Nick Serroque, Michael Hayden and Griffin Fruge).

The second speaker for the evening was WKU Football Chaplain and Character Coach Sean Pugh.  Sean delivered a seminar on relationships and religion.  He spent about 30 minutes giving his testimony of dating in a fun-hearted way that allowed everyone to learn from him.

Following the two main speakers, brothers enjoyed a little brotherhood and pizza time while watching the end of the Murray State NCAA tournament game.  Following the game, the FIJIs who are WKU Spirit Masters led a session on what it takes to apply for the Spirit Masters for those interested in joining.

“This event went really well,” stated Membership Development Chairman Zack Ryle.  “The idea of making one night of seminars instead of drawing them out over the entire semester was an idea that the Chapter has really embraced.  I am so proud of how this worked tonight and even more happy that the brothers enjoyed themselves while learning.  This is the goal of this chapter in action, to develop boys to young men who will be ready to leave college and make a difference in the world.  This event has so much promise and I cannot wait to see what future Membership Development Chairmen do to improve this!”



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