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Big Bros and Little Bros face off in The Phi Gam Games!

Big Bros and Little Bros face off in The Phi Gam Games!



The men of Chi Eta met once more on the famous battlefield known as Lampkin Park, where boys become men. This park is known to many as the site of the epic water balloon showdown that occurred between the Fiji’s and the ladies of AOII. This time, however, the site played host to the inaugural Phi Gam Games.


The Phi Gam games featured the Eta pledge class and their big brothers pairing up and going against each other. The event, organized by big brother coordinator Josh Wiseman, featured four events, an egg toss, a wheelbarrow race, a sack race and a dizzy bat race.


The pairings lined the field and tossed the eggs back and forth, each pair hoping their egg would not burst all over them. In the end the team of Griffin Fruge and Zack Van Zant came out victorious, winning a wiffle ball and a bat.


The next event was a wheelbarrow race. One teammate would race down to the line and the other would race back. Spencer Wright and Will Linder would run away with this event. Their prize, the best of all, was a tea set, which they would use to host a tea party for all the competitors later that evening.


The ensuing competition would be a sack race. After having two heats, the finals featured six team. Chris Kinney and Kyle Stewart would prevail winning a prize that would help them to remember their childhood; soft playdoh.


The last event, the dizzy bat race, was also the most controversial one. This event also featured two heats and a finals round with six pairs. The team of Ben Aroh and Blake Neumann was neck in neck with Sam Knott and Eric Blair. Blake dove for the finish line and arrived at the same time as Eric. The event went into a tie breaking, featuring another egg toss. Ben and Blake’s egg would break on the first throw, giving Sam and Eric the victory, and a nice set of hot wheels cars.


The event was one for the ages and a real bonding experience for the pledge class and their big brothers. The chapter will look to continue these events in the years to come.


-Austin Lanter



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