Front Wheels in the Water!

July 17, 2010 No Comments by WKU Fiji

The Fijis Across America reach Yorktown, VA on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

They made it! Friday, the Fijis Across America reached Yorktown, Va on schedule. The journey started on May 25 and 3,200 miles and 55 days later, the men arrived in Yorktown with their front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean!

More importantly, they raised over $40,000 for Alzheimer’s research thus far. Their mission is not over though. If you have not contributed to fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research, you still can at

Congratulations to Tyler Jury, Chaz Vittitow, Mitch White, Wade Haga, Justin Cave and Jordan Minton. We are mighty proud of you all!

Fijis Across America Route

Fijis Across America Route



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