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Spring Recruitment 2010 Schedule

Spring Recruitment 2010 Schedule

Interested in joining Phi Gamma Delta?  Participate in Spring Recruitment. There will be several opportunities to meet current FIJI brothers and learn more about Phi Gamma Delta.

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Spring Recruitment 2010 Schedule:

  • Thursday, Jan. 28: WKU basketball @ 7pm. Dinner at Fresh Food at 5:45pm; meet in DUC at 6:20pm to go to game.
  • Saturday, Jan. 30: WKU basketball @ 3pm. Meet at DUC at 2:20pm to go game.
  • Saturday, Jan. 30: Poker night @ 7:30 (free buy-in)
  • Monday, Feb. 1 – Orientation
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2 – Rotation Night 1
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3 – Rotation Night 2 (FIJI will be at AOPi House)
  • Thursday, Feb. 4 – Open House at AOPi House
  • Friday, Feb. 5 – Bid Day

Ladies, our rush shirts should be in tomorrow and will be available from me for $13 a piece. Just let me know if you want one and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

Contact Josh Wiseman for more information.



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