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Planning continues for FIJIs Across America

Planning continues for FIJIs Across America

FIJIs Across AmericaPlanning, fundraising and training continues for the FIJIs Across America bike ride to benefit research for Alzheimer’s.  The group of men will be biking over 3,700 miles across the United States to benefit Alzheimer’s.  Learn more about FIJIs Across America and how you can help by visiting their webpage at

We are a team of dedicated students trying to make an impact on the world. Together we will be biking the Western Express bike route to Pueblo, Colorado, and then taking the TransAmerican bike route (~3,700 miles total) across the rest United States in order to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s research. In early to mid June, the Summer of 2010, we start from the West Coast and will reach the East Coast in late July or early August.

Each team member has different reasons for participating in this endeavor. Some want the challenge of biking across the United States, while others are doing it in memory of someone they love. However, all of the members feel a sense of responsibility to helping those around them.



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